Blandina Mponela-Joseph

Our friendly, caring and Gentle -Hygienist / Therapist

General Dental Council registered professional-

Blandina’s passion for patient care began in 2002 when she qualified as a Dental nurse.  In 2008 she gained a Diploma in Dental Hygiene awarded by the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, Allowing her to practice as a Dental Hygienist. 

In 2011 she gained a BSc (Hon) degree in Health Promotion from Middlesex University and most recently 2015, she gained a Dental Therapy Diploma awarded by Bristol University allowing me to practice restorative dentistry Specific to a Dental Therapist.

Blandina is a paramount member of the Dentalia team, working closely with our Periodontal Specialist Raman, in supporting his patients that suffer with long-term gum disease with their gum health.  A firm favourite with our regular patients on their routine six monthly teeth cleaning appointments (Scale and Polish), she can also offer more than just her skills by hand but works together with the patient over time to regain oral health and confidents and keep  those “pearly whites” sparkling all year through.

Blandina is part of the Dental Hygiene and Therapy Association and indemnified by the Dental Defence Union.

Blandina has been practicing past 10 years as part of the army core so has the skill and knowledge to deal with most situations.  In her spare time she loves spending precious time with her husband and son. She enjoys baking, keeping herself fit, going to the movies and socialising with friends and family. 

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