Basingstoke Gazette

This week, Dentalia has an article in the Basingstoke Gazette (4 Oct, page 32, Health and Beauty) trying to explain our “new concept” approach at our brand-new dental practice in Basingstoke.   When patients visit us and look into the dental laboratory, see the new dental surgery and discuss their concerns with us, they appreciate what we are doing.  After all, we are the only dentist in Basingstoke with this kind of set-up.   I tried to explain it like this: The conventional wisdom is that you visit a dentist, who examines you, perhaps refers you elsewhere, takes an impression, sends it off to an unidentified dental laboratory and when the work eventually comes back, puts it in your mouth and hopes it fits.    Wouldn’t it be nice to have all this done in one place, quickly and with minimum fuss?   At Dentalia, with our dentists, implant surgeon, clinical dental technician, hygienist and laboratory all on-site, we have a highly skilled team which can do just that. John  

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