How a denture clinic can help restore your smile in 2023

How a denture clinic can help restore your smile in 2023

The foundations of our practice are firmly rooted in the provision of dentures. We began our journey as a dental laboratory back in 2000, making dentures for dentists. Over the years we have grown to increase that provision to a full family dental service, but always with the high quality and attention to detail we started out with. If you have missing teeth and are looking to restore your smile, here is how our denture clinic can help you this year.

Our dentures are custom made for your mouth

Our denture dentists create appliances that are designed for your mouth, to fit in with your surrounding teeth and make an exact replica of what your natural teeth would look like. This means our dentures are a comfortable fit and if your jaw changes over time, that’s no problem, as we can simply create a new set of dentures to accommodate this.

Our dentures will perform the functions of natural teeth

As they are designed to replace your natural teeth, dentures behave in the same way as you would expect your teeth to, enabling you to eat, drink and speak normally - something which you may not have been able to do if you have been missing teeth for a while.

We can help to slow bone loss

Without your natural teeth in place, the bones in your jaw will start to disintegrate and your facial muscles will begin to sag. Having dentures fitted replaces the structure of your teeth and helps to slow bone loss and maintain your facial appearance.

We can help improve your oral health

As dentures are fully removable, you can take them out to enable you to properly clean not only your dentures, but your remaining natural teeth. If you have a set of partial dentures fitted it will also prevent excessive wear and tear on your natural teeth, as the forces of chewing will be evenly distributed. When you’re not wearing your dentures, for example, overnigh, they can be easily stored in a glass of water.

Contact our denture clinic today

If you think dentures might be an option for you, call us today on 01256 353033 to arrange a free consultation. You are also welcome to visit our laboratory where our dentures are made and see for yourself the high quality of our dental appliances. To find out more, or make an appointment please click here.


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