Oral health tips to follow this Christmas

Oral health tips to follow this Christmas

The busy Christmas period is nearly here, a time when we all tend to indulge in some seasonal excess. But despite all the festive fun, it’s still very important to maintain good oral hygiene during December, so here we offer a few top tips on looking after your teeth at Christmastime:

Try to lay off the sugar 

Christmas is a time when we expect to eat and drink far more sugary treats than usual, from chocolates and mince pies to cake and mulled wine, but this can have dire consequences for our teeth. Sugar is one of the most recognised causes for the build-up of plaque around the teeth and gums, a major contributor to enamel erosion and tooth decay. 

Don’t be in a rush to brush

It sounds strange, but brushing your teeth straight after a meal is not at all good for oral health. When we consume foods such as the sugary treats we enjoy at Christmas, this raises the acidity in our mouths and leaves enamel particularly vulnerable. Because brushing can actually cause further damage to teeth in this weakened state, dentists advise that you wait for an hour after a meal before you brush.   

Drink plenty of water

Because food debris can be a real issue for our teeth and can contribute towards problems such as plaque build-up and bad breath, it’s important to make sure your mouth is as clear as possible. Drinking water with a meal offers a healthy and natural way to cleanse the mouth by dislodging and flushing out food debris.

Stick to your normal routine

Christmas can be a really busy time, but keeping to your normal oral health regime is a great way to keep teeth looking and feeling healthy during the festive period. So remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day and to use dental floss or interdental sticks to make sure food debris is not left in between your teeth where it can cause damage.

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