Perfect your summer smile with teeth whitening at the dentist

Perfect your summer smile with teeth whitening at the dentist

So you’ve got everything ready for summer - passport for international travel, a wardrobe full of summer clothing and sun cream to protect your skin. The only thing missing is your dazzling smile. If your teeth are stained and darkened, through drinking tea and coffee, red wine or eating certain foods, you’ll probably feel conscious about smiling on those summer selfies, but what if we told you there was an easy and convenient way to remedy this? Teeth whitening at the dentist, at home or as a combination treatment, is a great way to remove stubborn stains and whiten your teeth to a lighter shade.

Let’s look at how it works and what you can expect.

The best and most effective teeth whitening treatments involve at least one trip to the dentist. Yes, you can carry out whitening treatment at home, but this is only advisable when using a dentist recommended treatment where your dentist will provide the whitening gel and custom made trays, and give you guidance on how to use them.

For the best results, it is recommended to choose a treatment that also involves an in-practice whitening treatment carried out at your dental practice. This helps to seal in the whitening carried out at home, making the results last longer and and your teeth look brighter.

At Dentalia, we offer the Enlighten tooth whitening system as we believe it offers the best of both worlds - at home whitening which you carry out for two to three weeks at home following your initial consultation, and then a one-hour appointment at our practice to lock in the whitening and give the best results.

The active ingredient in Enlighten works by passing through the tooth’s enamel and breaking down stains by a process of chemical oxidation. It can take some time, so it’s really important that you complete the treatment by using the gel and trays as directed at home and coming in to finish off your teeth whitening at the dentist.

Why Enlighten teeth whitening?

There are many reasons why we have chosen to offer the Enlighten whitening treatment, and here are just a few of the reasons why we think you will choose it too:

  • It’s the only tooth whitening system to guarantee a Vita shade B1
  • It has a 98% success rate
  • It has long lasting results and low sensitivity
  • It does not harm the tooth surface
  • You don’t have to change your diet

Want to find out more about teeth whitening at the dentist? Get in touch with our helpful team today and book your initial consultation by calling 01256 353033 or messaging us here

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