What our patients said to the CQC

The CQC have finalised their report and we are so pleased that I though I would post a bit of it on here.   Bear in mind that the inspector selected the patients and interviewed them in private, so the following is entirely unsolicited.   The report says:

"People were complementary about the quality of the service provided at the practice. One patient told us "The care is brilliant. She is lovely, open and honest and puts me at ease." Another said "My dentist is excellent. It's the best dental treatment I have ever had. All the staff are welcoming and professional." One person told us that the dentist was "very understanding and patient with me and provides first class treatment". People told us they had been treated respectfully and the practice was well run, clean and efficient. We were told that the dentists fully explained treatment options in a way people could understand and explained the various costs involved."

I couldn't have put it better!

The whole report will be available at http://www.cqc.org.uk/directory/1-412233050

Me? Proud?  You bet!


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