Complete Denture Services & Aftercare

We Explain the Options

We are the people who make the dentures for dentists and now we can provide them direct to you.

There are many ways of restoring teeth, from conventional dentures, chrome supports to permanent implants. Dentures mounted on implants are the affordable way to achieve the benefits of implants. Ask about the cost – you may be surprised. You are welcome to visit our superb modern laboratory and see for yourself the quality of our workmanship.

You Have Nothing to Lose

During your FREE CONSULTATION you will be given an examination and an appraisal of the denture options most suitable for you and an estimate of the costs. If appropriate, we will request that you see a dentist (either ours or your own) prior to our commencing any work. You can then decide at your leisure.

The End Result

Whatever the technique, we want you to feel comfortable with the fit and delighted with the appearance. No more nasty adhesives, no more avoiding certain foods, no more being reluctant to smile in public.

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YOU are in control