Dave Bevan

Award winning Clinical Dental technician at the BACDT Awards 2018 for Best Patient Experience.

This award recognises that David has been nominated by his patients for his outstanding support, from initial consultation through to final visit.

"I suffered from Dental Anxiety and was terrified to visit the dental practice,  but from the moment I met David, he put me at ease.

He is a true professional and my whole experience is nothing short of amazing.

David has made me feel like a new person, who smiles with confidence."

- Patient

This award recognises that the BACDT member has set an example to other members on how to conduct themselves on a daily basis, both as a registered professional with the General Dental Council and as a BACDT member honouring the principles and charter of the association.

Dentures have for too long been the Cinderella of dentistry. To redress this, we have Dave Bevan, our Clinical Dental Technician, who has the highest qualification in this field, the Royal College of Surgeons Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology.  

Dave was one of the first CDTs to be registered and has longer professional experience than almost any other such clinician. His expertise in the technology of dentures means that you can now have your denture designed and fitted by the people who actually make them. 

He also plays the guitar, but you won’t have to endure that!