And another one ...

"Experiences enjoyed during tooth implant operation.  I would guess that there are many people like me who visit the dentist under duress and only when in dire need of treatment. Well I was informed by the national health dentist that I needed a tooth extraction.  The tooth concerned was one with a crown and was very visible during speech.  I was advised by a friend to go to Dentalia to have the extraction and also to request a tooth implant.  This I did with much concern about what was to be endured! 

Much to my surprise I was put at ease by the manner at which I was greeted which included the offer of coffee and an explanation of precisely what was involved in the whole process and the time needed for each part of the process and why there had to be an interval of time between step. They were also very careful to explain that I would feel nothing at all with each step of the process. 

Needless to say I did not believe that !!  However I was wrong !   Every time I needed an injection to numb the location of the tooth they first numbed the gum with a local anesthetic so that I did not even feel the injection nor did I feel any of the work that was being performed ! The staff at Dentalia are always very friendly and welcoming and the offer of coffee is always made as part of their greeting process.   Needless to say I am very pleased with the end result and no longer have any concerns about visiting the dentist. I think I shall go to Dentalia when I need an implant. Please, keep 'em coming" - John

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