Are there any downsides to dental implants?

Are there any downsides to dental implants?

Dental implants are often the go-to solution for missing teeth as they provide the next best thing to your own teeth. Much more convenient than dentures, they are an innovative dental treatment to help restore your smile and confidence, but are there any drawbacks associated with dental implants?

Let’s have a look in more detail at this procedure to give you all the facts you need to help you decide whether this is the right treatment for you.

Firstly, let’s consider the benefits of dental implants:

  • Permanent solution to missing teeth
  • No more fixing dentures using dental adhesives and powders
  • Speak and eat more easily than with dentures
  • Cost effective option when you consider how long they last
  • Prevent further bone loss in the area of lost teeth

Implants are generally the best solution for those who have missing teeth, but it is also worth remembering that they are not suitable for everyone, so if you would like to know whether they are right for you, speak to us at your next appointment or call our team on 01256 353033.

Dental implant drawbacks


Perhaps the biggest downside to dental implants is the cost. Compared to other less permanent alternatives they might seem expensive, but when you consider their durability and the fact you can eat and drink pretty much as you would normally, then it is a small price to pay.  At Dentalia, we offer free consultations for implants, so you’ve got nothing to lose in finding out more and we’ll present you with a detailed cost plan so that you can consider and decide in your own time.

Surgical procedure

There is no getting away from the fact that dental implant treatment involves a surgical procedure, to insert the implant into the jaw to replace the missing tooth root and provide a base upon which to fix crowns or bridges.  Due to the nature of this process, there is a healing period of between 6 and 12 weeks after the implant has been placed, to allow the implant to securely attach to the jaw bone. Your dentist will probably advise you to eat soft foods for a short period of time after the implant has been placed so as not to cause any discomfort, but you’ll be back to normal in no time, as your mouth heals quickly.

Lengthy process

Traditionally, having dental implants fitted was a lengthy process of up to six months, however with new, innovative treatments like the All-on-4 implants offered here at Dentalia, you can have an implant solution in a short space of time. All-on-4 implants use just four implants to provide a non-removable arch of teeth in just one day. A fixed bridge is attached to the dental implants, without any need for bone grafting, giving you full functionality after the treatment. If you are looking for a fast solution to missing teeth, then this may be the dental implant treatment for you.

Dental implants in Basingstoke

If you are looking for the best dental implant treatment in the area, contact us at Dentalia to book your free consultation. We’ll explain the entire process to you, your options in terms of treatment and present a clearly laid out cost plan so that you can decide whether this is right for you.

Call us on 01256 353033 or click here to send us a message.


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