Dental Treatment Gift Vouchers - The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

Dental Treatment Gift Vouchers - The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

Christmas shopping this year has been challenging to say the least. With online orders being delayed due to demand and high street stores forcing customers to queue outside due to Covid-19 restrictions, there is no easy way to get the presents your family and friends deserve. Until now.  Introducing our Dentalia dental treatment gift vouchers.  These gift vouchers can be redeemed against any of our treatments and are sent to you by email, giving you the option of either forwarding on the email or printing out the voucher.

Redeem your dental gift vouchers

The good news is that by giving a gift voucher you can give your recipient a choice of treatments here at Dentalia. If you know that they are interested in having teeth straightening for example, or would like a whiter smile, this is the perfect opportunity for you to contribute to their treatment costs. Your recipient can also choose from our skincare treatments such as confidence-restoring facial fillers, an acne-reducing microneedling treatment or a revitalising facial.

Gift wrapping ideas for your dental treatment gift vouchers

Give the perfect present and keep your recipients guessing by trying one of these gifting techniques with your printed out voucher:

  • Fold and place inside a Christmas card.
  • Pop in an envelope and wrap up in paper and seal with ribbon and a bow.
  • Find an empty box, such as a shoe box, fill with shredded tissue paper and place your voucher inside before wrapping the box in Christmas paper.
  • Fill a jar with their favourite pampering treats - such as mini bath bombs - and slot your folded gift voucher in the middle of the jar so it can’t be seen from the outside. Screw on the lid and tie a ribbon around.
  • Roll up the printed gift voucher and place inside a cardboard tube. Cover in wrapping paper and tie with ribbon where the tube ends to create a Christmas cracker. 

However you present your gift voucher we are sure that your recipient will be delighted with their Christmas gift and we look forward to welcoming them at Dentalia, for whatever treatment they choose.

So, don’t worry if you have left it until the last minute. Simply click here, choose the denomination for your gift card - from £50 to £250 - and we’ll email you the voucher. That’s another Christmas present off your list!

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