It's times like this .......

April 18, 2013

We had a patient the day before yesterday who had 21, yes 21, teeth extracted in one session.   It was unfortunately necessary and the patient was exemplary.   We took very good care of her and she seemed as well as could possibly be expected.  Off she went with a set of temporaries.   Yesterday, feeling for her, we sent her a nice bouquet of flowers. This is the email she sent us: Just as I was beginning to get bored of watching daytime TV the doorbell rang and your flowers arrived. How lovely. I really feel it should have been the other way round. You have all helped me so much and it was only because of you all that I was able to get through this.   I am getting used to the teeth in my mouth, they feel good and so much easier than I had thought. I am going to master speaking tomorrow reading out loud to myself. Off to get soup ! It’s times like this that make you feel good. John

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