Mouthguards R Us

Have you considered getting a mouthguard for your child, or even for yourself?   If so, you are clearly a responsible parent, concerned at the significant risk of damage to teeth and jaws in sports activities.   Given that your kids get only one set of adult teeth, it’s wise to take care of them. You can get pre-formed or “boil and bite” mouthguards that are relatively cheap, but they often don’t fit well or adequately protect the full arch of teeth and tend to wear quickly. The most effective mouthguards, and the only ones that Dentalia supplies, are custom made to fit your child’s teeth and gums.   They are more expensive, but if you care about protecting your child’s teeth, they are the ones you will go for. Dentalia custom mouthguards are made from the German Erkodent range of materials, a high-quality material, fully biocompatible and certified to ISO 10993-1, CE marked and tested as medical products Class 1 (93/42/EEC).  The thickness. hardness and flexibility are variable to optimise the mouthguard for different activities. Make an appointment and we will check your child’s teeth and advise on the most suitable type of device, having regard to the activity or sport.   After taking an impression, our laboratory will make a cast of your child’s teeth.   The mouthguard will be pressure formed from that cast for a perfect fit.  We can make them in any pattern you like, for example, with a school or team logo. If you have a child playing contact sports like football and rugby, or any activity which might result in a mouth impact, you know it makes sense to protect their teeth as well as you can. John

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