Looking for a New Family Dentist in Basingstoke?

Looking for a New Family Dentist in Basingstoke?

As a parent, finding a new family dentist in Basingstoke helps to engage your children with oral health care. Dentist appointments can be a daunting experience for many, so finding a welcoming practice can ease dental anxiety. Therefore, making every trip to the dentist a positive one.

If you are looking for a new family dentist in Basingstoke, here is our guide on what to look for:

Welcoming Environment

Since developing into a dental practice in 2012, we aim to provide quality care to meet the needs of both dental patients and dental practitioners. We have worked hard to build a safe and welcoming environment for patients. Our team have been trained to provide the highest level of customer service with a friendly and respectable attitude.

For those experiencing dental anxiety, we can cater our care accordingly and are also happy for you to have someone sit in during your appointment for additional support.

Local Recommendations

When looking for a new service in your local area, local reviews can really helpful. Asking friends and family, browsing websites and social media channels are all great ways to source reviews. This will allow you to make an informed decision, based on real patients and their experiences.

To see how you feel about our practice first-hand, pay a visit. Take note of how you feel when walking into the waiting area and seeing our reception team communicate with patients. Also, browse our website to explore our available treatments, to determine if it suits yours and your family’s needs.

Child-First Approach

For young children, visiting a dentist can still feel like a new experience, which can prevent them from feeling comfortable in the dentist chair. While looking for a new family dentist in Basingstoke, ask your child what they did and didn’t enjoy at your previous dental practice. This can help to guide you during your research on which practices might make your child feel more at ease.

Advanced Treatments

At Dentalia, we are much more than just a dentist, as we also offer orthodontic services. In addition to routine dental hygiene check-ups, we also offer an extensive range of advanced dental treatments for different ages. Solutions for teeth straightening, teeth whitening and dental hygiene are all available, with a full treatment list here.

If interested, you can also enquire about skin treatments, anti-snoring and sleep apnoea devices, chiropody and teeth grinding solutions.

Family Dentist in Basingstoke

With an aim to prevent oral health problems, rather than just treating them, our team at Dentalia pride ourselves as a family friendly practice. If you are looking to book your first family dentist appointment with us at Dentalia, please get in touch today.


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