Our Dental Practice Re-Opens - What to Expect at Your Next Appointment

Our Dental Practice Re-Opens - What to Expect at Your Next Appointment

We are glad to announce that our dental practice has now reopened following our closure during the COVID-19 lockdown. We understand that many of you will be very eager to arrange dental appointments with us to ensure that your oral health is where it should be, however, to keep our patients and staff safe, you can expect several changes in the way our practice operates.

Urgent Dental Care Appointments

Initially, we will be accepting appointments only for urgent or emergency dental care, ensuring that patients who are experiencing serious dental issues or pain are treated as a priority. If you are concerned that you have missed a routine dental appointment, you can rest assured that we will be offering routine checkups in the near future. If you had an appointment with us that was cancelled during the lockdown, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to rearrange your dental checkup or treatment.

Virtual Consultations Available

As we are currently limiting the volume of face to face appointments at our practice as a safety precaution, we are able to offer virtual consultations for some of our cosmetic dentistry treatments, including Invisalign teeth straightening. Our practitioners can assess your smile and discuss any problems you may be facing via a video link, and will be able to talk through the treatment options available to you. Take the first steps to your new smile from the comfort of your own home.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

To help stop the spread of the virus and to ensure as safe an environment as possible for our staff and patients, we have introduced many new safety measures at our practice. If you are to attend an appointment, we will be operating pre-appointment screening, in which we will call you to make sure that you are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and have not been in contact with anyone who may have the virus.

At our practice, we have put measures in place to help keep the number of people in the building at any time to an absolute minimum. We ask that you try to keep a 2 metre distance from other people whilst in the building, and wash your hands when you arrive. As a further safety measure, we ask that you wear your own mask to your appointment.

As well as asking patients to wear masks, our practice staff will be wearing masks and PPE in order to protect patients as much as possible.

Arrange Urgent Dental Care

If you are experiencing pain or are in need of urgent dental treatment, please contact Dentalia by calling 01256 353 033. You can also request a virtual consultation for cosmetic dentistry via our website.


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