We have a shiny, new ...

computer system.   We have already outgrown our start-up paper-based system and installed a super new computer system and a new practice software suite.   There are large displays in the surgery and laboratory and the lab, surgery and reception computers talk to each other.   Shame I can’t understand them! Not only will we be able to call up patient details and treatment plans, schedule appointments and reminders, all at the click of a mouse (or the touch of a screen), but we shall be able to show patients what we have done for others and what their restorations might look like. Now comes the laborious task of inputting all the existing data and getting familiar with the operation.   When it’s all fully up and running, it should bring a big improvement to patient information as well.   Just in case anything unforeseen happens, we also have secure online back-up for the whole system, plus we are registered with the Information Commissioner for data protection. For me, who’s first home computer was a Sinclair ZX80 with an awesome 1k of RAM, this is indeed rocket science! John

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