When should you call an emergency dentist?

When should you call an emergency dentist?

Your teeth play a vital role in your ability to eat and speak so it is important to look after them well. However, even with the best oral health care routine and taking precautions when taking part in sports and other activities, dental emergencies can occur. In this blog we are going to review the types of issues you might encounter with your teeth and how to contact an emergency dentist. We hope you never need this advice, but it always pays to be prepared!

What is considered a dental emergency?

A dental emergency refers to any situation that requires immediate attention to address severe pain, trauma, or risk of infection in the oral cavity. Such emergencies can occur at any time and may require urgent intervention from a dental professional to prevent further complications. It's crucial to understand what constitutes an emergency to ensure you seek timely treatment and potentially save a tooth or prevent a life-threatening infection.

You should seek help from an emergency dentist if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms. 

  • Severe, persistent toothache or gum pain
  • Lost or broken fillings or crowns
  • Knocked-out or loose teeth due to trauma or injury
  • Swollen gums or cheeks
  • Pus or signs of infection around a tooth or gums
  • Intense sensitivity to hot or cold that lingers after the temperature change
  • Painful swelling or abscess in the mouth
  • Uncontrolled oral bleeding
  • Jaw injury or suspected fracture

What to do if you have an emergency during opening hours

Our practice is open Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 8.30 to 5.30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30am until 4pm and Saturdays by appointment only from 8.30am to 4pm.  

If you have a dental emergency during these hours please call our practice on 01256 353033 or 01256 353252 and speak to our reception team who can advise you on what you need to do next. 

We will always endeavour to see dental emergencies that same day wherever possible.

What to do if you have a dental emergency outside opening hours

If you urgently need a dentist outside of our normal opening hours we recommend that you do not wait until our surgery reopens but instead call 111 for the Emergency NHS helpline for Hampshire. 

Whilst waiting for emergency dental treatment, we recommend following these steps to help manage the situation and alleviate pain. 

  • Take over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to ease discomfort.
  • Use topical anaesthetics or home remedies like clove oil or a warm salt water rinse to ease pain.
  • In case of swelling, apply a cold compress to the cheek to provide temporary relief. 

These measures are temporary solutions and should not replace professional dental treatment. You should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible to address the underlying cause of the dental emergency.

It's also critical to maintain good oral hygiene and regular dental visits to prevent future dental emergencies. Remember, these are general suggestions and the advice may vary depending on the specific dental issue you are experiencing.

Need an emergency dentist in Basingstoke?

If you are in need of emergency dental help please call our practice on 01256 353033 or call 111 outside of our opening hours for emergency advice and treatment.


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