You don’t want to think about this - or should you?

Have you ever seen a mouth that’s been damaged in a sporting accident?   I mean, like, kicked?  No, I won't show a picture, but imagine that happening to your child.   Dental injuries are the most common orofacial injury in sport.  Nasty, disfiguring, quite likely with permanent damage.   Teeth are Jolly Useful Things!   Ask someone who doesn’t have them.  Mouthguard 1

Fortunately, there is protection available.   Mouthguards are made of soft rubber or plastics and generally cover the upper teeth and gums, separating the biting surfaces of the teeth and cushioning the lips from the teeth.    Mouthguards act like shock absorbers by spreading the force over a larger area which dissipates energy and reduces its effect.     They are designed to help avoid broken teeth, cut lips and other damage to the mouth.

Stock and boil-and-bite mouthguards are cheap, but they do not offer the protection of a custom mouthguard formed from an impression of the actual mouth, individually designed by a clinician, correctly fitted and made in a professional dental laboratory.   The best are laminated and pressure-formed and these are the only type offered by Dentalia. Mouthguard Union JackDentalia custom mouthguards are made from the German Erkodent range of materials, a high-quality material, fully biocompatible and certified to ISO 10993-1, CE marked and tested as medical products Class 1 (93/42/EEC).  The thickness. hardness and flexibility are variable to optimise the mouthguard for different activities. Almost any design is possible.   Dentalia offers a wide range of colours and patterns, or you could choose your own design or club logo.   The one pictured is for a local rugby club. Maybe I’ll suggest one for my wife’s next mud-wrestling session.   On second thoughts, I want to keep my own teeth! John

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