Wedding discount packages

A little birdie told us you’re getting hitched 

So you’ve been attending wedding fairs, putting your name down on contact lists for this that and the other but what has it really got you?  Well it’s time to take advantage of our wedding discounts, to capture the smile you want for your big day.

Dentalia is a local, well-established private dental clinic that offers all dental and cosmetic services, so if you’ve always dreamed of the perfect white wedding, now you can have the perfect white smile to match.

Dentalia offers FREE consultations and great savings on all its cosmetic treatments to those on this list, with up to 40% off cosmetic procedures it’s an ideal gift idea too.

Wedding packages for all the wedding party

Whether it’s for you, your partner to be, mother of the bride or groom, we can offer a wide range of facial packages to suit which includes:

Teeth whitening - learn more

Cosmetic smile makeovers - learn more

Wrinkle reduction - gentle softening of Crow’s feet / Forehead & frown lines/ Nose to mouth lines/ Lip redefinition and Enhancement but keeping it natural looking (Using non-surgical non-invasive procedures and yes men really do have this treatment too.) - learn more   

You will be seen by one of our friendly clinicians to ensure you’re eligible for this treatment and don’t forget to book early, as some treatment can take a few months and we would like everything to have settled well before your big day. 

To book FREE assessment call us on 01256 353033