The first FREE offer of 2016!

Why not start 2016 with a resolution to sort out your teeth.   At Dentalia, we are offering FREE DENTAL CHECK-UPS for the whole of January and February.  Many people go for years without visiting the dentist.  Then they get the sneaking feeling that they ought to but don’t want to or feel awkward.   Worse, they get a problem and feel embarrassed to have to explain.   Don’t feel awkward or embarrassed.   The Dentalia team are passionate about teeth and want everyone to have a good set.   It makes such a difference to how you feel and look. There's no obligation, we won’t judge you and we won’t charge you.  We have lovely modern, spotless treatment rooms and we’ll even offer you a cup of tea. We will tell you the truth about your teeth, good or bad.   If we advise you to have treatment, it’s your choice whether or where you have it done. So, COME ALONG and have a look at us and get the lowdown on your pearlies.  We don’t bite, even though we have all out our own teeth!  You know it makes sense! That reminds me, time for my check-up. John

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