Best treatments to fix tooth gaps by next Christmas

Best treatments to fix tooth gaps by next Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that you have most likely missed your chance to fix the gaps in your teeth before the festive period arrives. However, in this blog we help you to plan ahead for next year by discussing the best treatments that are currently available to you.

For many people, the need to fix gaps in the mouth is purely an aesthetic thing, as they want to improve their smile and grow their confidence.

However, having gaps in your teeth can affect more than just your smile, as it can cause problems such as teeth misalignment, improper chewing and bite issues.

Therefore, if you have gaps in your teeth, it is important to visit a dentist to discuss the different types of treatment you could use to fix the gaps.

A good dentist will suggest the most suitable treatment according to the severity of the gaps, but here is a guide to help you familiarise yourself with the many treatments on offer.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Removable clear braces, such as Invisalign Clear Aligners, are becoming extremely popular amongst people wanting a more discreet solution to fixing the gaps in their teeth.

Additionally, Invisalign braces are rising in popularity because they are a comfortable and more practical alternative to traditional braces, which can cause a lot of unwanted discomfort.

If you have small gaps in your teeth, Invisalign braces are perfect for you, as they are designed to fit snugly onto the teeth to close tight gaps.


Veneers, which are porcelain layers that are specially adhered to the front of your teeth, are a great way of fixing gaps in your teeth and masking any imperfections.

Like Invisalign braces, they have also become very popular with adults because they can be fitted with one simple treatment, which involves removing a layer of enamel from your teeth and replacing it with the veneer.

Dental Implants

Alternatively, you may consider opting for dental implants, which are a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth.

The procedure for this treatment is much more complex than the one used for veneers, though, as it requires fixing a small screw to your jawbone, which acts as a base for crowns, bridges and dentures.


Lastly, if you have gaps which have been caused by missing teeth, your dentist may suggest for you to have a bridge treatment for you to get your smile back.

This permanent solution involves placing a false tooth in the gap, which is then supported by two neighbouring dental crowns and cemented into place.

At Dentalia, we offer a range of treatments to help you fix the gaps in your teeth and smile with confidence.

If you are concerned about the gaps in your teeth, please get in touch with our friendly team, who will be able to arrange an appointment for you.

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