Work hard, play hard.

Karting night-cropSome people call it “team bonding”.   Some enjoy a quiet drink out together.   What does the Dentalia mob do when we’ve had a really good month?   We go and try to trash each other on the track!

After breaking records, the Dentalia team celebrated with a night of fun, kart racing.   Dave was reportedly the fastest, just pipping Simon, who was suitably mortified.   Unfortunately, Nick couldn’t be there because of his imminent wedding.  In the picture going clockwise are Manisha, Xenia, Simon, Dave, Allison and, hiding under the helmet, Helen.

The evening was rounded off by a very enjoyable get-together and meal at the Millstone and a good time was had by all. I left the country rather than make them suffer the indignity of being beaten by an old codger! John

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