Where do dentists go for their treatment?

I know the answer to that for some.  Even dentists who do not use our dental laboratory, except, of course, for their own or their family’s needs, come to Dentalia.  We currently have one (no, I’m not going to say who) for whom we are providing multiple implants. Many dentists know that Dentalia provides the best, but feel it is too good, or too expensive, for their patients.  They would rather use a cheaper laboratory – after all, the patient usually has no idea what goes into his or her mouth! Wouldn’t it be nice if they realised that having the prothesis fit properly first time, without need for adjustment or recall, saves time and money? Wouldn’t it be to their advantage to offer a choice of a standard or premium product with better longevity and bio-compatibility, with the treatment priced accordingly?  Wouldn’t the patient prefer their artificial teeth to be truly indistinguishable from their natural ones, in shade, shape, texture, surface finish, translucency and colour gradation?   If I were a patient, I know what I would choose, but then, I don’t have to.   All our patients, including me and other dentists, get the best. John

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